FFL Transfers



Transfer Fees:

Long-guns: $40

Handguns & Pistols: $50

Transfer Terms and Info:

Maryland Elite Firearms will happily facilitate the transfer of firearm ownership between customers, and to other FFLs, given the following requirements / terms are met and understood:

Individuals participating in firearm transfers are required to complete to the fullest extent of the law all relevant components of the state and federal background check process associated with the sale and transfer of handguns, long-guns, NFA items, etc.
Any individual participating in the transfer of a firearm, whether it be between individuals or involving an additional FFL, must posses and provide the following forms of identifications:
- Maryland Driver's License or equivalent state issued Identification Card.

- Supplementary forms of Identification, if necessary: i.e. 'Change of Address Card'

- For Handgun transfers Valid - Handgun Qualification License (HQL) or equivalent form of Identification proving an exemption: Active / Retired Military ID, or Maryland Law-enforcement ID.